30 November 2010

My First Attempt at Menu Planning

I'm trying out Menu Plan Monday for the very first time. I think it will help keep me motivated. I'm cheating a little bit because I had a migraine yesterday and shopped for the basics, hoping to put my menu together today, after the fact. Next week I'll sit down and plan before I shop.

Monday: Chicken Massaman with rice. I'll write up a recipe for this later. It's a Thai sweet and sour curry and it's just delicious. Even the kids love it. Again, no photos, because of said migraine. And, hubby helped cook it last night, making it extra delicious.

Tuesday: Fish with corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and vegies.

Wednesday: Roast chicken, cauliflower/brocolli and white sauce, roast potatoes, and peas and corn.

Thursday: Spaghetti and meatballs. I'm cheating with this one and using a store bought jar of sauce, but I am making my own meatballs. I need to make up a batch of my own spaghetti sauce in the next couple of weeks.

Friday: Friday is our weekly take away (take out) day. I doubt that will change, but sometimes I do insist on cooking that day.

Saturday: Chicken schnitzel with scalloped potatoes and vegies.

Sunday: Meatloaf with vegies.

I need to come up with some side dishes that don't involve potatoes. I'm not sure how well they'll go down with the family, though.

Like I said, this is my first attempt at menu planning and I know I could have done better if I allowed myself more time to think about it.

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